Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Sussex and Scientologists

It's scenes like this that make Sussex such a wonderful place to live or visit.

Another wonderful thing about it, from my point of view as a Scientologist, is the presence of so much Scientology history in the town of East Grinstead.

Thousands of Scientologists from around the world converged on Sussex this weekend for the annual celebration of the founding of the International Association of Scientologists.

It featured news about the Scientology Volunteer Ministers, the Citizens Commission on Human Rights and the Church of Scientology International Human Rights Office, including the Scientology European Human Rights Office in Brussels.

And all in the most beautiful environment on earth!

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Sites like this are commonplace in Belgium. What a beautiful country.

The Church of Scientology International has a European Public Affairs and Human Rights Office in Brussels, and I had the opportunity to stop in and see it on my last trip to Belgium.

It's very exciting to see the wonderful work the Scientology religion is doing to combat drug abuse, illiteracy and crime and to forward human rights.

Europe is, obviously, one of the world superpowers, and influencing the EU and its member states to make positive social change and to improve its stance on human rights is a very worthwhile activit

Monday, October 10, 2005

Scientology Volunteers Head Out to Guatemala

The call has gone out for Scientology Volunteer Ministers to go to Guatemala, Mexico and other countries in the region, hit last week by Hurricane Stan.

Anyone who wants to help will be trained by the Scientology Volunteer Ministers and can help them in their work to relieve the suffering caused by this catastrophe.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Scientology Volunteer Ministers are continuing to do disaster relief in the region hit by Hurricane Katrina, and need more volunteers and donations to get the job done. It is not required that a person be a Scientologist. Anyone who wants to help should go to the Scientology Volunteer Ministers web site which gives information on who to contact and what to do.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Scientology Volunteer Ministers Helping After Hurricane Katrina

For the past two weeks hundreds of Scientology Volunteer Ministers have been working around the clock on disaster relief. More are still needed, and they are putting out an appeal for anyone to come train and join their ranks.

Four years ago almost to the day, Scientology leader, Mr. David Miscavige, wrote a letter to all Scientologists which he called the Wake Up Call. This was a day or so after the terrorist attacks in New York, when the world was reeling from the impact that brought down the World Trade Center. And Mr. Miscavige's appeal was for all Scientologists to greatly raise their level of contribution and their application of Scientology technology.

What others who are not Scientologists often don't realize is that anyone of any faith can learn and use these techniques. That's because Scientology doesn't require faith or belief. It's a very practical religion and the techniques L. Ron Hubbard developed enable a person to understand himself or herself, overcome trauma and raise one's emotional tone to be able to cope with the kinds of disasters, great or small, one encouters in life.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Once Beautiful Louisianna and Mississippi

I want to encourage anyone who finds this blog to help in the disaster relief effort following Hurricane Katrina.

If you think someone else is taking care of it, think again. There are millions of people displaced, at least hundreds of thousands of homes ruined or in great need of repair, New Orleans is devastated, but the small towns on the coast of Mississipi are far worse.

This is not something our agencies can cope with. This is something people like you and I have to contribute to.

And if you can't go (but you should think again and see if you can, at least for a week or two), then you should help support the guys who are there.

The Scientology Volunteer Ministers have 300 people on the ground as I write this, but that is not anywhere NEAR what it is going to take to make the slightest dent in the reconstruction.

So if you can't come (and EVERYONE is welcome to join us. We will train anyone to help and put you to work!) consider sending us enough money to support some volunteers who are there -- who have left their homes and their work and need to have their room and board and supplies paid for so they can stay for a week or two to help.)

Here is a link where you can get information on who to contact to come or to donate.

Scientolgy  Volunteer Ministers Disaster Relief

Scientology Volunteer Ministers
Hurricane Katrina
Relief Effort

Monday, August 22, 2005

The Italian countryside is stunning. There is such a feeling of life and good cheer in this country. And perhaps that is why Scientology is so popular in Italy.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Applied Scholastics

A couple of years ago I went the grand opening of the Applied Scholastics International campus in Spanish Lake, which is a town within greater St. Louis, MO.

What a beautiful area this is, with some of the nicest features of mid-West countryside. Rolling hills, a view of the Mississippi River, clean air, green.

And the campus itself is lovely. They did such a nice job renovating it. It was originally a Catholic convent for nuns. It has retained its classic beauty, but has been brought up to the 21st Century in terms of facilities.

Applied Scholastics uses the study technology developed by Mr. L. Ron Hubbard.

No matter how beautiful the campus is, if they didn't have an effective means of training teachers, mentors and parents and tutoring children and youth, it wouldn't make any difference.

But the do.

And that's a great thing for all of us!

Monday, August 15, 2005

Living a Better Life

L. Ron Hubbard developed a code of ethicscalled the Code of Honor.

Many of its points are just common sense, like:

1.Never desert a comrade in need, in danger or in trouble.
2. Never withdraw allegiance once granted.
3. Never desert a group to which you owe your support

Other points I include here as very important, and somewhat unique are:

4. Never disparage yourself or minimize your strength or power.

5. Never need praise, approval or sympathy.

6. Never compromise with your own reality.

This full code is also online in several different languages:
French German Italian and Spanish

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Earth Organization

One of the most beautiful sites I've seen on the Net is the Earth Organziation web sit.

But it's not just beautiful. This organization is confronting real issues to save life on this planet.

The founder of this organization is Lawrence Anthony, a South African naturalist whose story can be read here. In addition to his work to preserve the wildlife and other natural resources on Earth, Lawrence's humanitarian work to help the new South Africa emerge after apartheid was recognized some years ago when he received the Freedom Award, presented by the International Association of Scientologists.

It is not a Scientology program, but L. Ron Hubbard's discoveries about the nature of life are also featured on this site and is probably one of the reasons Anthony's program is as effective as it is.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Scientology churches have many tape recorded lectures by L. Ron Hubbard available for the general public to listen to. Mr. Hubbard recorded over 3000 lectures on the subject of life, human thought, our relationship to other life forms and the physical universe.

In addition to his work as the founder of the Scientology religion, L. Ron Hubbard was a prolific author of fiction, an educator and even worked in film.

There are some other good sites on the Church of Scientology:

The Ontario Consultants on Religious Freedom have a Scientology overview and a page about Scientology beliefs and practices.

J. Gordon Melton wrote a book calledthe Church of Scientology, and excerpt of which is up on his web site. There is also a review of this book by Dr. Derek Davis online.

There is an online Press Office for the Church of Scientology International and a site which presents papers by several religious scholars on various aspects of the Scientology religion.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Post Partum Depression

Post partum depression is a very serious issue that is getting the correct importance in the news these days.

Unfortunately these very vulnerable women who are indeed suffering are being led to believe that the "cure" is to go onto antidepressants, when the real cause (even according to Brooke Shields' doctor) is violent hormone imbalance.

Does anyone know of a really effective way to quickly balance the hormones following childbirth?

I've heard that progesterone cream helps. Does anyone have any comments on this?

All I know is I think it's really wrong to prescribe Paxil et al to women in this condition.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Tom Cruise and the Truth About Psychiatry

I think Tom Cruise is very courageous to be taking the stand he is against psychiatry.

It's about time someone of his stature stood up for people who can't stand up for themselves.

I also think the media are whipping up a frenzy over nothing. I'm all for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' romance. And I think it's great that Katie is "embracing Scientology". I am and it has helped me enormously.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Lot's of talk about Scientology in the news now. I think that's great. Scientology has been so helpful to me, personally, and I'd recommend it without reservations to anyone.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Here's an update on some of the news coming out of South Asia, where Scientology Volunteer Ministers are working with local residents to help them pick up the pieces and get on with their lives:

Asian Tsunami Relief in India

Peter Cooke, who has been heading up the South African Scientology Volunteer Ministers (VM) disaster relief team in India, describes the work the VMs are doing with the Rotary Clubs where they have been providing trauma relief and training in Cuddalore and Nagapathnum, two of the areas hardest hit by the tsunamis.

Tsunami Relief Links

South East Asia Quake Aide
Volunteer Match|Church of Scientology International
Tsunami Disaster
Tsunami Celebrity Auction

Monday, January 17, 2005

Scientology Volunteer Minister - First Hand Account of "12 Days of War"

It's said that times of war are the toughest. Dead bodies lying around, chaos is everywhere, organization is a long forgotten word and the only way to survive is wear your courage on your face, forget your weariness and pain, and rush into action.

I was too young to know what war felt like. WW2 is a thing my grandpa told me about and Iraq was thousands of miles away. However I have just been through 12 days of war.

When the tsunami hit, I was sound asleep in my home, in Chiang Mai (North part of Thailand). A friend of mine said her bed shook during the night. As for me, nothing short of a bomb could have disturbed my sleep. I was getting ready for my morning jog, casually glancing at my emails, and one of them caught my attention. It was from a pal of mine and just said "Are you OK?"

I read on to find out the coast had been washed away by a tidal wave. I had been there not even 10 days before. I had friends there...none of them answered the phone. Doesn't mean anything, because the land lines were certainly not operational. I hoped it was just that, because they lived a couple of feet away from the beach. The whole thing felt unreal in that bright morning light, but one thing was sure. I had to do something, and I had to do it now.

I packed my bags and enquired about volunteer ministers (Scientology organization designed to bring help and order in situations of crisis) actions. I had read about them, I had seen videos about them, and now it was time for me to join them. All flights were booked that day, save for the last one, so I met the team in Bangkok around 1 am for a briefing. We already had guys on the ground and the scene looked gloomy. The whole coast was in chaos. At the height of the high season, the place was full of tourists, mostly packed in hotels or bungalows right on the coast. Thousands had died and the bodies were still coming back from the Sea. Patong beach (Phucket) had been cleaned up, and yet the next morning, over 300 bodies were found, brought back by the sea.

What difference could we make?

Whatever, we had to give it a try and do our best. We got to Phuket and headed straight to the headquarters. The place was buzzing, people moving around in all directions, missing persons paper posted on the walls, piles of water bottles, mounds of second hand clothes, and some people offering accommodations for survivors. Something was amazing about the place. People had gotten together to help and there was some hope around. They sure had amazing resilience. You will never know how much strength there is in man until you get through such times. Phuket was the center of all attention and help, and as amazing as that may sound, the situation was getting under control. People had food to eat, places to sleep, clothes, and those crying in search for their loved ones were taken care of.

The hospitals were full to the rafters but otherwise doing OK. We went in and gave assistance for a day with good results, helping to translate, helping the patients and relatives, organizing a bit. Tough but not too tough. Those guys were in bed, had medical assistance, and they had made it through. All in all, based on the circumstances, things were not as bad as I feared.

On the other end of the scale however was Pang Nga, a province just north of Phuket which sustained one of the largest hits in Thailand. Phuket had been the center of all attention, and Pang Nga had gotten none. Complete confusion.

The ship in the background was carried more than a half mile by the tsunami and dumped here in the woods. Posted by Hello

Rescue workers were hell bent on recovering bodies from the wrecked sea coast, mostly coming down from a small resort town call Khao Lak. I had lived there about a year ago, but hardly could recognize the place. Of my then-resort only 2 walls remained. Cars laid in weird places and looked like they had been through a compactor. All the bodies recovered were brought to the nearest standing town, a place called Takua Pa, and piled up in the back of the city's 3 Wats (Temples).

We headed straight for the mayor and told him we were here to help. He said to go to the nearest Wat (temple) and help with the bodies. There were trucks of them heading there. We didn't need any directions to the place, so strong was the stench of the rotting corpses. We arrived at nightfall. The entrance, 1 container, 2 military trucks, a few doctors and a thousand bodies lying on the bare ground, with no clothes on.

I spent the first night carrying supplies, and then bodies. Bodies were full of water and weighted from 100 kg up, with some closer to 250 kg. Worms crawled in all directions and the floor was covered with an inch thick of body fluids and sea water. For the first time of my life I was faced with the reality of war: for it was a war.

Carrying each body took a minimum of 6 guys and none of us were whimps.

Someone had to take on getting the corpses identified, and that was the first job we did. Posted by Hello

During the next days I set up refrigerated containers to preserve the bodies, planning the space and positioning, directing the crane and teaching soldiers how to get those 6 tons of weight in place. Not that I knew anything about it to start with, but nobody else was there so I just had to do it, and I did. Containers got in place against all odds, got wired, cranked up and running. Meanwhile the rest of the VMs were organizing the place, setting up an information booths with loud speakers, creating the basic organization to help people identify their relatives, setting up DNA testing lines in front of the Wat, organizing supply lines and coordinating with the different teams that started to arrive on the scene, including forensic MDs from different countries. I was busy - getting the containers up and running and was soon nicknamed Mr. Container.

With the help of the soldiers we built a whole city of containers, and hundreds of shelves to extend their capacity. Dead bodies were still coming in by the truckload. And when in doubt, all they had to do was to ask a yellow jacket (Scientology Volunteer Ministers wear yellow jackets). When the Minister of Health and other government officials showed up to inspect a few days later, the place was running like a well-greased engine. People would come from miles away because word was out that this was they only place they really had a chance to identify their relatives and be taken care of. Containers were available, giving a chance to preserve bodies for autopsy; routines were set up to allow for DNA testing; and anything the forensic doctors needed was gotten or made on the spot.

As more and more VMs arrived, we further extended our responsibilities to helping workers handle stress and exhaustion using Scientology assists, helping the victims relatives get back on their feet, organizing the distribution of the supplies to the victims in remote area (large volumes of supplies were available, but not distributed to anyone for lack of organization).

Yes, it really felt like a war: a war against chaos and horror and human misery; a war with no gunshots, but gruesome casualties. And in just 12 days, we won. There is still a lot of work to be done, but the place is now organized to do it, and the infrastructure is up and running. It was the most horrific experience in my life, but also one that I will keep in my heart. For in the years to come I will look back with the knowledge that I was there, and did something about it. We did make a difference when and where it was needed most.

- Sylvain Galibert

The Executive Director of the Scientology Mission of Bangkok helped direct relief efforts. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Volunteer Ministers and the Red Cross are active in bringing relief to the areas hit hardest by the tsunamis in Thailand Posted by Hello

Volunteer Ministers in Thailand

It is hard to conceive the amount of devastation caused on December 26th.

But there are people who are doing something about it. In fact that is there motto - Something can be done about it.

I will be posting news from Thailand here as I get it, and if my friends in Thailand can do so, they will post from there.

Here's another picture of the same little boy. If you know him please contact Posted by Hello

Here is a little boy who was found in Khao Lak. He has been separated from or has lost his parents. He appears to be European, but his nationality hasn't been deterimined. If you know who he is, please e-mail Posted by Hello

Another photo, showing the unbelievable impact of the waves. Posted by Hello

One of the tsunamis that wreaked devastation throughout the lands of the Indian Ocean. Posted by Hello