Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Here's one of my favorite blogs to read -- Desi's two cents She's a single mom of twin girls, living on a farm in Oregon.

I love reading about what her girls get into and she has a terrific outlook on life.

This photo is from her blog (and from her farm) and it is blackberry flowers.

Imagine that.

City girl that I am I never thought about blackberries having flowers.

On a different note entirely, over the next few weeks are the first of the Maiden Voyage events will be shown at Scientology churches.

I love these events. Every year for four or five weeks running we get to find out about some of the most exciting news in the Scientology world. The master of ceremonies is usually David Miscavige (and I always love hearing what Mr. Miscavige has to say!)

The Church of Scientology International does a lot to publish news on the Scientology Press Office but that just doesn't take the place of these events where you get to see some of the most exciting news of the expansion of the Scientology religion.