Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Scientology Volunteer Ministers Helping After Hurricane Katrina

For the past two weeks hundreds of Scientology Volunteer Ministers have been working around the clock on disaster relief. More are still needed, and they are putting out an appeal for anyone to come train and join their ranks.

Four years ago almost to the day, Scientology leader, Mr. David Miscavige, wrote a letter to all Scientologists which he called the Wake Up Call. This was a day or so after the terrorist attacks in New York, when the world was reeling from the impact that brought down the World Trade Center. And Mr. Miscavige's appeal was for all Scientologists to greatly raise their level of contribution and their application of Scientology technology.

What others who are not Scientologists often don't realize is that anyone of any faith can learn and use these techniques. That's because Scientology doesn't require faith or belief. It's a very practical religion and the techniques L. Ron Hubbard developed enable a person to understand himself or herself, overcome trauma and raise one's emotional tone to be able to cope with the kinds of disasters, great or small, one encouters in life.