Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Volunteer Ministers and the Red Cross are active in bringing relief to the areas hit hardest by the tsunamis in Thailand Posted by Hello

Volunteer Ministers in Thailand

It is hard to conceive the amount of devastation caused on December 26th.

But there are people who are doing something about it. In fact that is there motto - Something can be done about it.

I will be posting news from Thailand here as I get it, and if my friends in Thailand can do so, they will post from there.

Here's another picture of the same little boy. If you know him please contact Posted by Hello

Here is a little boy who was found in Khao Lak. He has been separated from or has lost his parents. He appears to be European, but his nationality hasn't been deterimined. If you know who he is, please e-mail Posted by Hello

Another photo, showing the unbelievable impact of the waves. Posted by Hello

One of the tsunamis that wreaked devastation throughout the lands of the Indian Ocean. Posted by Hello