Friday, March 17, 2006

Suite 101 has an interesting article on Scientology anti-drug programs.

"People in many walks of life know that Scientologists are themselves drug-free individuals, but few know of the impact that Scientologists as a group are having on the worldwide drug problem. In fact, Scientologists are intimately involved with assisting youth and adults to free themselves from the harmful effects of drugs, and lead healthy, drug-free lives.

"For example, as a public service, parishioners of the Church of Scientology of Los Angeles established the "Lead the Way to a Drug-Free USA" in 1989. This coalition, to this day, sponsors the Drug-Free Marshals – a campaign that deputizes children as "Drug-Free Marshals." As deputies, the children adopt a pledge to engage in activities that keep themselves, their friends and their families drug-free.

The whole Scientology section on Suite 101 is excellent and I recommend browsing it to learn more about the subject.

For information on other Scientology programs that help the community, I recommend visiting the Scientology Effective Solutions site and the Scientology Volunteer Ministers web site.